Valcano E-cigs discount code

Valcano E-Cigs Coupon Code

Valcano E-Cigs coupon code

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About Valcano E-Cigs:

Smoking is expensive. Smoking is addictive. Smoking is dangerous. Based on that, a packet of cigarette’s price has continued to skyrocket and that’s majorly caused by a constant slapping from governments through taxes. However, price increase is not the only factor that might cause someone to have an urge to stop smoking. In fact, it is not the major factor and if it is a factor at all, then the price of the packet is not. Be sure to use the Valcano E-cigs coupon code above to save extra.

Smoking is expensive in many ways and settling exorbitant hospital bills for an affected person of this product is the overriding one. Most importantly, the addictive nature of this dangerous commodity makes someone want to shun; the addiction of tobacco that leads to mouth, lung and trachea diseases.

Quitting can also be quite difficult. That is where Volcano e-cig comes is as a most preferred choice. It has no negative effects and does not spoil your mood like quitting would do. Volcano e-cigs, a company located in Honolulu, Hawaii and started in 2009, offers this products that will help you transition from the ardent smoker to leave smoking without any negative effects. All of the products do not contain any traces of tobacco; therefore your health is in check. Some of these products include:

Magma Kit
If You are fresh from moderate to mild smoking, then the Magma Kit should be your first choice. This kit retails at $74.99, comes in black and white colors and glows at the tip when a user inhales it. It is the smallest and looks exactly like cigarette. Two automatic batteries (a manual one can also be purchased: both batteries glow either blue, purple green or Red at the tip), charging accessories (plus a USB cable), wall adapter and cartridges comes inside the kit that can either be purchased on their online store or retail shops spread across the world with a concentration in United States, United Kingdom and Asia. It has a battery life span of 3 or 4 hours and the e-cig produces vapor good enough to stimulate the throat.

Inferno kit
This kit too retails at $74.99 but has an added advantage of a stronger vapor production, can use e-liquids from different suppliers and has prolonged battery life. With the kit comes two batteries (of 600 mAh and 900 mAh), 15ml of e-liquid, wall adapter and USB cable and a tank of atomizer (this can be re-used).

Lavatube Kit
It retails at $139.99 and it is the best kit from Volcano e-cigs. Inside the kit is n 18650 battery, an LCD screen and buttons to control it, 15ml of e-liquid, 7ml tank and its voltage can be varied from 3V to 6V by the use of the LCD. This products comes with 39 different flavors therefore, it is the choice of the client that determines.

All the three e-cigs comes in fruits, candies and soda flavors and nicotine strength. The vaping strength increases from Magma, Inferno to Lavatube respectively.

How to use
Once you choose your preferred kit, select color, nicotine strength, flavors and make a purchase, you can apply the coupon available at the checkout page.

In order to reduce the prevalence of disease outbreaks resulting from traditional smoking e.g cancer ,we should all embrace this modern smoking method which have over the years proved to be effective in reducing diseases and deaths related to smoking.