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About NJOY: 

Njoy first sprung into the stream of public consciousness when they aired a controversial ad extolling the virtues of e-cigarettes. It did helped that the marketing campaign of the Scottsdale Arizona company was handled by Horizon Media who recruited the well known public figure, Courtney Love. The company has put a singular focus on the Njoy King product while discontinuing other e-cigarette offerings.

It easy to see why the company chose to focus on this particular product. Some of the advantages of the Njoy King include:

  • – High nicotine level
  • – Traditional design
  • – Robust Vapor production
  • – Rich flavors
  • -Great NJOY discounts

The Njoy king is designed in every way to look, feel, weigh and function like a tobacco cigarette. Its paper texture and soft cartridge is fabricated with the single purpose of mimicking the texture of a real cigarette. The Njoy King will actually morph and constrict when squeezed on the lips.

The design helps soften the adjustment issues associated with switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, a rich vapor production ensures the high nicotine levels fully satisfy heavy smokers. This traditional design ethos continues to the packaging. The Njoy King has a distinctly designed package that helps with instant recognition of the brand.

The Njoy king is available in two nicotine levels (Gold and Bold) with a 3.5 percent or 4 percent nicotine concentration. These are pretty high levels in an industry where the threshold nicotine level for e-cigarettes is rated at 1.8 percent.

The e-cigarette sports a small disposable battery with a rated usage equivalent to 40 cigarettes. Despite the small battery, the e-cigarette has a robust vapor production for the two offered flavors, menthol and traditional.


The Njoy king is a top of the range e-cigarette. It is unmatched in mimicking the traditional smoking experience and bringing more hardcore smokers to the vaping community. However, there are some design flaws that need not be overlooked.

These include the disposable battery system which might dampen uptake by users preferring rechargeable batteries. Overall, Njoy succeeds excellently in what it was designed to do: introduce the traditional heavy smoker to the vaping experience without compromising on nicotine levels. If this seems like a good fit of a company for you, be sure to enjoy the Njoy discount code we have provided.

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